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Repair crash damage, Install rings and bearings, Troubleshoot problems, Adjust valves, Tune-ups, Test runs, Maintenance, Repair of obsolete engines, Your parts and partial repairs OK!

 (Please note that, except for RCV Engines, we do not presently offer original manufacturers warranty service, but, will coordinate warranty service for you as appropriate.)

We’re experienced. Over 40 years in the hobby.

We communicate! We keep you informed of the repair status throughout the process!! You communicate with the actual repair technician! …By Email, phone, or fax.

You’re in control. No charges that you don’t approve first. Get a free estimate before you send engine. A hands-on firm quote with diagnosis and disassembly as required is provided after we get your engine but before we repair it. This work is included with repair job, $20.00 if no repairs are ordered.

We run the engine when needed and notify you of any concerns before returning it to you, so you’ll know the exact status of your engine before you get it back. We like to duplicate your installation as much as possible, by using your fuel type, prop, plug, tank size and tank position.

We warranty our work: Basically, 1 year on new parts we supply and related labor, except crashes, normal wear, and abuse.

If time is critical, get a turnaround estimate, usually 5-10 workdays in our shop.

 B.J.’s Model Engine Service
A trade name of Flight Star Devices, Inc.

Bill Jensen

51 Hillside Dr.

Phone & Fax: 203-888-4819

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BJ’s is the RCV Engines factory authorized service center for the U.S. and Canada

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